The Top 7 Direct Digital Marketing Posts of the Year

Casey BartoIt has been a very eventful year for the direct digital marketing industry. Everyone here at The Lunch Pail has enjoyed chronicling the highlights and happenings as they relate to our clients and friends.
In the spirit of the holiday, reflecting on the year, I’ve put together a “best of” list of our most popular Lunch Pail posts for 2010. Enjoy!

1. Mobile Marketing Programs for Retailers: Mobile was a very hot topic in 2010. Marketers implemented a variety of mobile programs, researched technology and tactics, and launched some forward-thinking initiatives. In this post, Bryce outlines three ways retailers can take advantage of the mobile channel to create an exceptional shopping experience and boost sales.

2. Why Outsourcing Email Makes Sense: Many companies struggle with the idea of creating their own in-house email solution or outsourcing it to a trusted partner. This post provides four crucial reasons why marketers should outsource their email marketing.

3.iPad and Direct Digital Marketing: What would a yearly recap be without mentioning the iPad? In this post, Dutch speculates on how the iPad will impact the direct digital marketing industry, and how marketers can reach consumers that are always “on the go.

4.Making a Case for Mobile Marketing: Despite the surge of interest in the mobile channel this year, some marketers are reluctant to embrace the channel because of doubts surrounding its ROI. If you’re struggling to build a quantitative case for mobile, check out this post for some simple tips.

5.The Changing Role of Mass Marketing: This post examines the changing role of mass marketing, and how direct digital marketing plays an important role. How do you see mass marketing changing in the next five years?

6.Marketers, Get Better at Reaching Moms: Moms can be your biggest advocate when you take the time to get to know them. In this post, Amy outlines tips for successfully engaging moms and what not to do when marketing to them.

7.Getting Started with Direct Digital Marketing: Learn more about the value of a complete direct digital marketing strategy and tips for getting started, in this post.

So, what topics on direct digital marketing would top your list in 2011? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you. And Happy New Year from all of us at Knotice!

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