New Year’s Resolutions for Online Marketers

Micah HattonWhat are goals marketers might want to add to their list of resolutions, or things to start doing in 2011 so they perform better? Here’s what the Lunch Pail team had to say:
Chris: “Online marketers should update their privacy policies to be current and include opting out of web tracking, and make sure these new, updated policies are enforced, available, and clear to consumers.”
Emily: “Frequently, because of a lack of time and resources, marketers are unable to make sure that every loop is closed. But with the wealth of information available about how consumers are interacting with marketing messages today, it’s so important when forming future strategy to make sure you are on top of your consumer behavior. So I’d recommend marketers resolve to make sure they are closing all their marketing loops and benefitting from the extensive data they are generating about their customers.”

Dutch: “1) Marketers should resolve to commit to effective SMS programs (not just talk about them) that support a rich mobile Web experience. 2) Marketers should resolve to think mobile Web first and “app” second.”

Dave: “I would just encourage marketers in 2011 to constantly reevaluate where their programs are on a holistic level. Too often I meet with smart marketers who, instead of having a synergistic combination of elements, they have essentially a ‘marketing attic,’ piled high with trinkets, boxes, and once-hot marketing initiatives now gathering dust. This accumulation of seldom-used or out-of-date tactics can be recycled and exchanged for a better model that takes a stronger, user-friendly approach. The end result will likely be greater efficiency and better growth in the future.”

Bryce: “For more brands to start understanding their customers and prospects as a cross-channel entities. This starts with better insights gained from consolidating disparate data sources and outputs, creating a single view of the customer and their interactions across channels. What are they reading, where and what are they buying, how do they look for help when they have a question? Then using this insight to tailor the marketing outreach, optimizing channel strategies, content, frequency and spend to create more relevant and valuable experiences for researching, buying, or getting customer support.”

So, what are your resolutions for 2011? Add to the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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