Fresh Ideas for SMS

Patti RennerSMS often is used to push an offer. But I wanted to see how a brand or business might use text messaging for something more, or something different, so I surveyed our Lunch Pail team. Here’s what they had to say.
“SMS is ideal for extremely immediate and relatively disposable content. It’s great for migrating consumers between off-line and online experiences, a proven channel for driving qualified traffic to a Web experience. It all comes together when the right content is delivered at the right time to the right place. With 160 characters it is difficult to be persuasive or directly influence consumer decision-making. But 160 characters can dramatically impact a consumer’s impression of a brand or product. Some examples include delivering valuable information through SMS subscriptions with timely discounts at meal time, delivering retail store location information on demand, reminders and alerts for important events like delivery appointments, shipping status alerts, etc.” —Bryce

“There are lots of alternate uses for SMS. Off the top of my head, you can use it for: Notifications of service or outages; New releases (especially media-based brands); Promotional marketing efforts – like getting clues about a movie release; Contest/Sweepstakes entries; Customer support, and more.” —Dutch

“SMS can be used for business in much the same way people use SMS for personal communication: update, answer, and inform. Send the latest news, let consumers request location information, notify customers and employees about changes to store hours, announce new products, respond to something in the media, and almost anything else for which a business would need a dialogue with its customers.” —Emily


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