Four Tips to Better Emails and Messages

Patti RennerIn today’s business environment, every impression counts. Messages that are “good enough” no longer really are. What you say, and how you say it, reflects back on you and your brand.
With this in mind, you’re missing a great opportunity when you settle for the basic, pre-programmed messages for your emails, especially for your auto-responders. Even an order confirmation is still a communication that should be a pleasure to read. You can do better than basic.
For starters, let’s have a look at what you’re already sending out to people.
  • Is it warm and friendly?
  • Does it reflect your values as a company?
  • If you were the recipient of the piece, would you enjoy reading it – or at the very least, be interested, in reading it?

These can apply beyond emails to texts, mobile landing pages, etc.

(Note: If you answered “yes,” you can stop reading here. But if you want your messages to be stronger, then read on…)

Now, let’s quickly see how we can do better than basic with your direct digital messages. Here are four tips for stronger results.

  1. Be authentic Your marketing message doesn’t end with your Web content or advertising. Your corporate “voice” should permeate everything your send out – from the mobile microsite to the “thank you for responding” message. Keep a consistent tone and style throughout.
  2. Be clear Make it easy for people to connect with your message. The easiest way to be easy to be understood is to write like you speak. When writing for mobile (including emails that may be opened on a mobile device), use shorter sentences and simpler terms. When you read back through your work, focus on the core message and edit out any of the “ten-dollar words” and phrases that don’t contribute to understanding. Keep industry jargon to a minimum.
  3. Be generous Give the audience what they want. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes, and craft your message around them. It’s not about what you want people to know about your brand – it’s about the customer and what THEY want to know about you. Instead of saying: “Thank you for helping XYZ Company better serve its clients,” try putting the customer first: “People like you are the reason we enjoy coming to work each day. We appreciate your business!”
  4. Be real When you’re under a deadline to craft the right words, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind each of those emails you’re sending. They signed up with you because they wanted to connect with your brand. Many take valuable time out of their day to read what you send, buy what you sell, and give you their feedback. So, treat them like a person… not a number! Your emails and mobile messages are an excellent opportunity to build rapport, to help you get stronger results by properly connecting with your audience.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you sometimes just don’t have time. When that’s the case, I suggest you find sample wording, then revise it with these four tips in mind. Three minutes of tweaking well spent!

You can also get in touch with our Professional Services team here at Knotice. They’re ready to help you with your direct digital marketing campaigns.

When it comes to your messages, there’s no need to put people to sleep, using flat, bland language. No, you can do better than that. Instead, create communications that are steeped in authenticity.

You already know that every email, report or letter – every prospect “touch” – is an opportunity to build stronger relationships while you build your brand. Keep a close eye on the tone and style of everything you send out, and keep things real, for better results.

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