Tips for Onsite Targeting

Brian DeaganIn most basic terms, onsite targeting is the ability to personalize the online experience using in-house data of site visitors – presenting them with content they might enjoy.
The integration of real-time data in a universal profile management system is the key to effective onsite targeting. Site-personalization technology must work within the context of an enterprise data environment. The data system needs to be able to deliver content and react in real time, funneling data gathered from transactions or site activity back into the marketing data system to further a person’s online experience.

When considering onsite targeting, some advice:

One Size Does Not Fit All: Avoid trying to “boil the ocean” when planning for Web site personalization. Instead, look for simple, powerful tools that streamline personalization and targeting efforts while capturing and storing both known and unknown customer attributes.

Data is King: Data is at the center of all successful site personalization. Marketers should seek out technology capable of supporting real-time, data-driven campaign execution. But technology alone isn’t enough. You need real-time data within unique user profiles, and the ability to customize the user experience based on the most current information.

Keep it Simple: Marketing personnel must be able to understand, easily access and use the personalization tools available. Look for a solution that is easy to learn and simple to navigate – one that will seamlessly integrate data and processes. Power doesn’t have to be complicated.

Avoid Redundancy of Efforts: Be sure to avoid introducing a technology or system into your organization that requires staff to work double-duty on the execution of personalization tasks. Profile data should be native to the software for a seamless execution of onsite targeting and other direct digital marketing efforts, combined for a more robust consumer experience overall.

Seek out an experienced partner to help optimize the effectiveness of onsite targeting efforts and maximize your ROI.

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