Developers! Developers! Developers!

Chris HolmokA software API can only be great if developers are using it. And developers tend to use and prefer APIs that provide useful, up-to-date and well-rounded documentation.
Knotice recently announced the launch of our site specifically for developers,
The new site is an extensive resource for integrating with our multichannel marketing software platform, Concentri. It allows developers for our customers and partners to quickly and easily leverage Concentri’s cross-platform API. Currently, it supports both Representational State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web service interfaces.

The site walks developers through the secure authentication and authorization process. It also provides sample code to help customers and partners hit the ground running. There are articles on basic message requests and response showing you how to get the expected response types.

Also included is an API Reference for both the SOAP and REST interfaces. Every method is documented with sample requests and responses. This API Reference is built directly from the code, so when we build and deploy new versions with new methods, the API Reference is always up to date.

Like any powerful tool, our Web-based API is only as good as how well people can use it. And the first and most important step towards that is providing the best possible documentation to the developers using it.

(*The post’s title is in reference to the infamous Steve Ballmer chant.)

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