Monthly Archives: October 2010

And in an Instant…

…Everything changed. Or did it change after all? By now you’ve heard all about Google’s newest search phenomena, Google Instant. The big question is how this change will impact your own SEO strategy. Sure, when the news first broke, there were the classic “SEO is Dead” blog posts and articles. But now that the dust […] Shopping via the iPad

Now that the dust has settled after returning from a great Annual Summit in Dallas, I wanted to share some of my “take-aways” and lessons learned from the show. Last week, I reported to you on the keynote by Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters, the multichannel consumer and the importance of having a […]

Canon Press Roundup

We have written a lot about the use of 2D bar codes within the direct digital marketing industry recently. As more and more consumers adopt Smartphones, 2D bar codes are beginning to pop up in a variety of places, including retailers, billboards, magazine ads and more. These codes are embedded with an array of information […]