Updating the Rules of Mobile Strategy

Bryce MarshallAs I wrote in a recent article for ADOTAS the latest mobile trends are changing the rules for how consumers interact with your brand.
It’s a fact of life for today’s marketers: Basic mobile devices are everywhere. Market saturation of Smartphone devices and mobile internet access is quickly approaching. Consumers want to connection and productivity through their mobile device, with user experiences tailored to their at-the-moment needs and use patterns, blending “offline” and “online” experiences.

To help you better understand the trends and expectations of mobile engagement, I’ve summarized a few updates to be aware of, and to incorporate into your mobile game plan.

Planning and Budgeting

Old rule: Taking a “wait and see” approach to mobile, or employing an under-funded “toe-dipping” methodology.

New rule: The consumer is mobile. This is a reality. In 12 to 18 months, the mobile landscape will be close to saturation. Taking a “wait and see” approach may leave your brand in the dust. At minimum, your mobile strategy and budgets should be aligned to create mobile-friendly experiences across key digital touch points supporting your most valued business services.

Email Marketing

Old rule: Email marketing is a well-established channel with its own team and operating resources, driving revenue to the e-commerce site.

New rule: The mobile consumer is checking email on their handheld device every day, so email is now one of your primary mobile channels (whether you realize it or not). Like your Web presence, your email may need a mobile overhaul, starting with a basic audit to understand what portion of all emails sent are being viewed by which mobile device, and how the emails render and function for those users. Email design and functionality – perhaps even email content and subject lines—will need re-thinking.

Channel Management

Old rule: Online and offline operations remain separate business units, even if mobile is correctly recognized as the bridge between them.

New rule: The consumer simply expects a seamless, consistent interaction with their favorite brands, whether through a mobile web site or an in-store salesperson. Mobile may be the bridge between channels, but realize that today’s consumers are neither “online” nor “offline” – they are simply “mobile.” Consumers love this gray area, and your business better start loving it, too.

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    Nice article. Really interesting points you have made in the “new rules.”

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