When Should You Introduce an App?

Amy ChubbuckOne of the questions I’m asked most often is about apps. I know what I tell customers, but I thought it’d be interesting to ask some of my colleagues here at Knotice. Here’s what they had to say.
“The best time to introduce an app is….
“…when your comprehensive mobile marketing plan dictates. There is no best time for an app because it needs to be part of your marketing plan and it needs to complement you mobile web, email and SMS strategy. All the parts need to work together. An app could be a front end to a mobile web experience or it could be a stand-alone experience, depending on the nature of your customers’ relationship to your brand.” — Dutch

“The best time to introduce an app is….

“…as soon as possible. Yet it really depends on what the desired outcome for creating it might be. Apps generally are conceived and produced to support business-specific initiatives. In the case of retail (at this point), the best time to release an app that supports the brand and enables them to recognize the benefits mobility brings to the space is ASAP (more specifically, as soon as a good app is ready).

“Another factor in my ASAP recommendation is the time that it takes to get something into play. I would recommend no more than 12 weeks from the ‘Go!’ date on an app development project to ‘Launch.’ The rapidly changing mobile market today might render your assumptions regarding OS, device, and capabilities less relevant if you have an extended development window. For example, 12 months ago, some brands set out with informed and good intentions to develop an iPhone specific experience were surprised to find a high percentage of their traffic is now coming from an OS that didn’t have much of a foothold just 12 months ago (such as Android OS). So speed is important.

“If an app is in your mobile/tech roadmap today, I recommend that you spend the necessary time to truly understand what your customers need from a mobile experience with your brand, then build it, and get it out there.”— Dave

“The best time to introduce an app is….

“… when you can exceed your customers expectations versus catching up to them.”— Brian

“The best time to introduce an app is….

“… from a market standpoint, I would say the time is now. The adoption rate of Smart phones is increasing daily. Mobile phones are the “first screen.” It’s the first thing people look at in the morning and it’s a device that is always with them. In fact, it’s the only first personal mass medium. People are becoming more and more comfortable with utilizing apps and mobile Web. Shoppers use their device to comparison shop while in stores. Consumers are checking out your product and your competitor’s product from their mobile device.

“On the other hand, you don’t want to introduce an app just as a ‘me too.’ Don’t have one just for the sake of having one, as it will just disappoint your customers and cause a potential social networking backlash of bad reviews. App users have high demands. Once a customer have downloaded your app and found it not useful, they are not likely to download it again. Customers want apps that are both helpful and useful. What products/services do you offer that your customers would seek you out for?

“Your app shouldn’t be your entire Web presence. Spend some time with your website. See what part of your site folks are visiting from a mobile device. Are they shopping on your site, looking up product reviews, product tips or location information? Then determine how that best translates into an app.”— Amy

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