Canon Press Roundup

Casey BartoWe have written a lot about the use of 2D bar codes within the direct digital marketing industry recently. As more and more consumers adopt Smartphones, 2D bar codes are beginning to pop up in a variety of places, including retailers, billboards, magazine ads and more.
These codes are embedded with an array of information and provide several advantages for the consumer as well as the marketer.

One Knotice customer, Canon, has recently been in the news for its innovative in-store mobile program featuring 2D bar codes. Canon’s mobile solution uses the Microsoft Tag and optimized mobile web sites to connect the consumer’s online and offline shopping experience. (If you’re curious about the specifics behind the program, check out this three-part series authored by Lunch Pail contributors that worked on the solution.)

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher wrote an excellent piece on the solution and spoke with Michael Duffett, senior director of printer marketing in the consumer imaging group at Canon U.S.A about why the manufacturer chose Microsoft Tags to enhance the shopping experience.

Internet Retailer’s Bill Siwicki penned a great article on the solution and spoke with Bryce Marshall, Knotice’s director of strategic services about the strategy behind the use of Microsoft Tags and optimized mobile web sites.

“[The] Tag is an unconventional opportunity that can serve many purposes for retailers,” Siwicki noted.

Patricia Odell at Promo Magazine provided an excellent break down of the solution, and spoke with Bryce and Michael about the construction and deployment of the solution.

Not only was Canon’s mobile solution featured in a variety of industry press, it also made an appearance in Times Square:

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