Direct Digital Marketing Tools for Emergencies

Emily HaaseIf there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that things can change in an instant. And in this age of instant information, business owners need to be ready and able to provide immediate updates about conditions affecting their operations. It could be something small like your power being temporarily disrupted. Or, it could be a flood that’s going to close your business for months while you rebuild.

One quick and effective way to communicate updates on the status of your business during an emergency is to implement these direct digital marketing strategies.

SMS messaging, for example, is an easy way to notify employees about events affecting your business. A quick text message to your team asking them to delay coming to work for an hour while the power is repaired is both payroll and employee-friendly. Or, send an SMS alert to your customers with dinner reservations tonight to let them know that the kitchen will be closed due to flooding. Or, if you have multiple locations, ask diners to visit one of your stores not affected by an emergency event.

In addition to alerting people to last minute changes affecting your business, you can use direct digital marketing to nimbly refocus your existing marketing plan in the face of unforeseen circumstances. Use your email program to update customers on your rebuilding efforts, and send discounts good for your other locations. Bolster your relationship with the community by providing targeted content on your website describing your appreciation for customers’ patience and detailing when you expect to be back up and running.

There are many advantages to using direct digital marketing when you’re at situation normal, but there also are advantages when you are confronted with an emergency event. The speed to market, flexibility, and precise targeting available through direct digital marketing are uniquely suited to help distribute information quickly and effectively – exactly the kind of thing you need in an emergency. We all know life is unpredictable. But by using the tools available through direct digital marketing, your customers and employees can rely on your business for timely information, no matter the circumstances.

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