Better Service Using Direct Digital Marketing

Patti RennerOkay, so you’re not an MSO (see Bryce’s post)…. But you can still use effective techniques in direct digital marketing to build client relationships and grow your service-based business.
Here are six quick tips to help you start thinking about ways you can incorporate the flexibility of direct digital marketing to better serve your customers through relevant communications, to help grow your business and cement more profitable relationships.
  1. Welcome Emails: Sending follow-up emails immediately after that first appointment helps to extend a warm welcome to the new customer. Sharing details with them, like how to access to customer support options, etc., help the customer realize more value in the new relationship with your company.
  2. Service Calls and Scheduled Appointments: For service providers, sending pre-appointment emails to confirmation details of the scheduled call helps build trust. Through the email, your customers can opt-in to receive a text-message reminder the day of any service or installation. This interaction sets the tone for high-value digital interactions in the future.
  3. Follow-up Surveys: Days after any service is provided, automated email surveys can gather valuable data regarding the customers’ early impressions. When using Concentri for example, that data allows you then to segment and respond to your customers with relevant emails and targeted Web content. Do you have very satisfied VIP clients? Don’t wait, go ahead and automate the sending of Refer-A-Friend promotions. Do you have unsatisfied respondents? Deploy the “white glove” retention-message strategy to help repair the relationship.
  4. Messages Based on Triggers: You can also incorporate ongoing messaging triggered by pre-defined events and activities to help migrate customers to the points that shape best relationships. Introducing additional appropriate services can help grow customer the relationship. For instance, an HVAC company who installs a furnace can send info on duct cleaning and seasonal service checks. If you offer ePay or automated payment plans, consider promoting details about that option as appropriate.
  5. Promotions: Use ongoing messaging to suggest additional services with reminder or incentive emails triggered by a specific circumstance. If price matters to a specific segment, send them information on specials that align with their interests.
  6. Multi-Channel Support: Your mobile messages can also drive customers to your portal Web site, based on promotional triggers (such as inactivity), highlighting the benefits of the online experience with your business.

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