Focusing Your Direct Digital Marketing

Bryce MarshallConnecting with customers with a relevant message is key to growing any business. It’s why a complete direct digital marketing strategy is so valuable.
So, as an example, let’s take a look at how cable companies (aka multiple system operators, or MSOs) can use direct digital marketing effectively.

Think about the products offered by MSOs – cable television, Internet access and phone. MSOs segment and target their offers to their customers based on service level they currently have, and what they might also need based on serviceability attributes. But MSOs have access to additional web analytics and email analytics data that, when combined with service level attributes, make it possible to identify customers entering specific buying cycles.

In short, a customer’s service level can be used to determine the “offer strategy” and what to market to them when. If a current subscriber has Internet and HD video, they are likely serviceable for telephone and eligible for video upgrades in the form of premiums, tiers and DVR.

When Web and email analytical data are integrated, a window of opportunity opens up.

  • The customer regularly opens their email newsletters and On Demand email promotions.
  • The customer visits the customer portal weekly to view upcoming On Demand releases.
  • The customer has visited the “premiums” information page of the corporate website within the last month.

This data suggests that it’s a good time to change the direct digital marketing focus. It’s a good time to incorporate a video up-sell offer, which can then drive equivalent monthly revenue over a telephone cross-sell offer strategy, for example.

Here are sample steps to change the marketing focus using direct digital channels:

  • The scheduled customer email newsletters and On-Demand feature promotions include dynamic content, reinforcing the value of premium networks and DVR technology for serious movie buffs.
  • More scheduled and triggered promotional offers focus on multi-room DVR and HD upgrades over telephone service cross-sell.
  • An adjustment in offer strategy for this customer is reflected in targeted premiums and DVR offers across the corporate website and customer portal.

Having easy access to data makes it easy to offer effective, relevant messages to customers at the moment they are most receptive. It’s the data that makes the difference – and the software to power the process for a robust direct digital marketing strategy.

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