3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Strategy

Bryce MarshallMost marketers understand why they need a strong mobile marketing strategy. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to understand the essence of what mobile marketing is really all about, and what elements are most important within a mobile strategy mix.
This came up when I participated in a mobile marketing webinar sponsored by PRNewswire, explaining how to effectively communicate your message to a mobile audience. Allow me to share some of my key takeaways for creating a successful mobile strategy and achieving “mobileness.”

Yes, that’s right… I said “mobileness.” I coined the term to refer to the emerging consumer mobile trend: Consumers are adopting mobile devices as a bridge between traditional online channels, between offline or in-store experiences. People are using their mobile devices for a multitude of reasons, whether it’s to get on-demand information such as product availability, buying products through an m-commerce site, or to get product information while they’re still in-store.

It’s worth noting that currently these mobile-device activities may not necessarily fit into a traditional online or in-store marketing channel. You’ll need a unique approach.

Based on the feedback from folks who joined us for the webinar, it’s obvious that marketing and communications professionals from both digital and traditional media backgrounds want to know more about mobile marketing. Perhaps it is because mobile, in reality, is a type of hybrid. It’s not viewed as an “online” channel. Mobile can support “offline” tactics very well. For example, retail marketers often develop in-store strategies where shoppers can access content from their mobile devices.

Mobile impacts every aspect of our daily lives in so many ways. It keeps us connected to the digital world, but also seems to enhance our “non-digital” lives tremendously. The trend of mobileness continues to envelop consumers in the way we manage our day-to-day. Reaching out and engaging with customers in the process is an essential part of the mix.

So, (as promised) here are three elements of achieving “mobileness”:

Recent Lunch Pail posts have focused on SMS and Mobile Web. But let’s take a quick look at our old friend, email, as an essential part of mobile strategy.

Marketers seem to be surprised every time I talk about email being one of the core aspects of mobile marketing. But it’s true… just look at the data! Some of the most-used technologies – the things people spend most time with while on their smartphones – are the activities already established in our daily lives. Specifically, people use their phones to check email and access the Web. If you are not optimizing both email and the Web for your audience when they’re using a mobile device, you’re missing the lowest of the low-hanging fruit there is for effective mobile marketing strategy.

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