Holiday Mobile Tips…Already?

Casey Barto Summer is in full swing, and the kids are returning to school. Back to school campaigns are in market for most retail marketers. It is still hot outside, but most marketers have their minds on the upcoming holiday season.
The holiday season is right around the corner, and for most marketers that means putting together big, sometimes complex, campaigns. This year has been full of mobile news and has seen an array of new mobile marketing features hit the market. One question on the minds of marketers this holiday season is, “How will consumers engage with brands via mobile over the holidays?”

Frequent Lunch Pail contributor and mobile marketing expert Bryce Marshall recently provided some insight on how marketers can make the most out of mobile this holiday season in preparation for his panel at Mobile Marketer’s Holiday Mobile Marketing Summit on September 2.

While many consumers use the Web and their mobile device to find information on products and services, Bryce notes that consumers using mobile are looking for different information in different ways. Mobile users want small bits of actionable and useful information, like coupons and contact information.

Despite the increased popularity of mobile, consumers are very much multi-channel. Bryce points out that a great untapped opportunity for marketers exists with shopping cart portage, or allowing consumers to forward an online shopping cart or wish list to their mobile device for use in-store.

For more holiday mobile marketing insight from Bryce, be sure to check out Mobile Marketer’s Holiday Mobile Marketing Summit. Bryce will be sharing valuable tips on mobile marketing for the holidays on the “How Will Consumers Engage with Ads, SMS, Sites and Applications over the Holidays – and why it Matters for Customer Experience” panel.

What questions do you have about implementing a holiday mobile marketing strategy? Post them below and Bryce will answer!

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