Great Software Features For Retailers

Josh GordonOn Friday I provided some details and insight into what a direct digital marketing software feature looks like. It is important to understand that a truly multi-channel software feature is able to impact more than a single channel or a even single strategy. Direct digital marketing is about focusing on the consumer and making improvements in communication through the email, Web, and mobile channels. The right "improvements" lead directly to big wins in revenue, conversions, and engagement.

It is important right now, with the rapid development and deployment of myriad mobile marketing strategies, to keep in mind that consumers are still very much multi-channel. That is, they routinely interact with the primary direct digital marketing channels on an equal basis. As a result, direct digital marketing software upgrades must drive improvements in every channel, because the consumer will see the difference.

For example, retailers make heavy use of promotions and coupons. But retail marketers sometimes struggle with coordinating the substantial bit of data that must be cleaned, uploaded, and properly organized to ensure every consumer’s experience with a promotion or offer is a smooth one when making a purchase.

The direct digital marketing software feature that addresses that challenge for marketers must first enable the easy upload of massive amounts of retail information. Important bits of data include discounts, offers, offer name, description, disclaimer, terms and conditions, start date, expiration date, offer code… and the list grows longer and longer.

Getting data in to the direct digital marketing software with an easy upload of a .csv file enables fast deployment of email, Web, and mobile promotions for every offer. This is a huge win for marketers because the time from the conception of a promotional idea to execution is now much shorter. While retail marketing does have its tried and true ebbs and flows (e.g. Back to School, Holiday shopping, etc.), retailers lose money in the “off-season” not because of lousy promotions but because of the time it takes to get a promotion in market. The software, or the data upload and organization, should never be the primary reason a promotion is delayed to market. The more time is spent trying to get the data setup for content deployment, the less time is spent emphasizing the content and making it great.

It should be simple for online retailers to upload a list of unique redemption codes, then use them to personalize email, Web, and mobile content per customer.

Great conversion reporting is also an important function of direct digital marketing software. But the upfront benefits of great data organization and speed to market are big time wins in the ever-evolving world of online retail. The right direct digital marketing software helps retailers by making the complex world of promotions and offers simple, and gets them in market quickly to maximize impact.

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