What’s a Direct Digital Marketing Software Feature?

Josh GordonThere is not yet a whole lot of direct digital marketing focused software in the marketplace. Most that contend for the moniker are really retrofit email marketing platforms that attempt to back in to (or buy up) deeper cross-channel functionality. That, or the players are really database marketing companies where the actual digital execution of direct digital marketing campaigns - email, mobile, Web - is not as strong, reliable, or complete.

Given that general perspective from many trade publications and marketers of all levels, it makes sense to take a moment here – on a blog dedicated to explaining, defining, and refining direct digital marketing – to showcase the type of features a truly cross-channel focused direct digital marketing platform adds when the software is upgraded.

The hallmark of a true direct digital marketing platform upgrade is the ability to easily see how a new feature impacts all channels.

For example, Knotice’s recent upgrade to its Concentri software has a new feature affectionately referred to as “content consumption.” The premise of the feature, which Zak Stambor captured very well in his article on the release in Internet Retailer, is to “scrape” any type of content from the Web and publish it in within a mobile campaign (mobile Web sites, for example), email campaign, or onsite targeting/testing campaign.

This type of feature benefits marketers in two ways. First it is really easy to keep all direct digital marketing campaigns updated and relevant regardless of channel. If there is a certain online asset that is considered the content “hub” – like a Web site or a blog – the content can be published there first, then consumed by Concentri and repurposed for inclusion in any direct digital marketing campaign.

The second cool benefit is a reduction in the time it takes to get a new campaign configured and in market. If the content has only to be published in a central spot, and can be populated in other channels, the messages are coordinated for every recipient and the time between campaign conception and launch is reduced dramatically.

This straightforward feature is exactly what a direct digital marketing software feature should look like. Its impact is felt across each direct digital channel, it coordinates messages, and it is easy to maintain targeting strategies and content relevance per recipient.

The challenge is that most marketing organizations are aligned by channel, not by customer or program type (e.g. loyalty, retention, acquisition, etc.). So, when a new direct digital marketing software feature is published and accessible, the mobile marketing group has one perspective on how to use it, email another, Web site owners have a different one, and the feature sometimes does not reach its full potential.

A feature like content consumption, however, can support multiple interests regardless of how a marketing organization is aligned and everyone can take advantage of the benefits – especially customers.

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