How Mobile Analytics Changed Email Strategy

Josh GordonToday is a big day at Knotice, as the public announcement of some shiny new software features was announced. If you have not yet had the chance to check out the information about the updates to the software, please do. There are a number of enhancements, especially regarding Knotice’s overall mobile marketing capabilities.
Since I am Knotice's Director of Marketing I got a sneak preview of the new release, and even got to play around with it before the announcement was made. My adventures with Concentri 3.17 were very enlightening because of one simple discovery: It is amazing what is possible when mobile is included in the email and Web site analytics.

Enhancements in the latest software release enabled me to see how many recipients of Knotice’s marketing emails open them on a mobile device. I can even see which mobile device and mobile operating system is in play (does everyone have an iPhone?). Even cooler, the same analysis is applied to Web content. For Knotice, that means I can see how many folks try to access our handy screencasts via their mobile device.

The new revelation led me to an immediate conclusion – the handy screencasts are built in Flash, and Flash does not get along too well with most mobile devices. So, when someone gets a marketing email from Knotice, the videos that were linked in the email campaigns were not playing on their mobile device. Even more startling, lots of people are viewing these emails and clicking on a mobile device.

Armed with this new, insider knowledge, I quickly made the decision to encode the videos in a friendlier format for the mobile device… and I was able to get everything coordinated in just a couple of days.

The stats were startling. In one particular campaign, 44 percent of the email opens happened on a mobile device, with nearly a quarter of the clicks coming from a mobile device. Absorbing that information, then quickly acting on it, will make a demonstrable difference in how effective Knotice’s marketing campaigns are.

As a software user and enthusiast this was a big discovery for me. The ability to quickly put that new knowledge to good use was equally significant. Statistics and industry media types all agree that mobile video is popular. I was able to see that popularity first-hand and then make immediate campaign adjustments to accommodate it.

I realize The Lunch Pail is a safe haven to learn about all things direct digital marketing, and how the core tenets of it apply to marketing as a whole… primarily retail, hospitality, and restaurants. But, my own personal direct digital marketing story was too revelatory and too immediately impactful to the business to simply ignore. Let me know if you found it as enlightening as I did!

Check out Knotice’s Mobile Email Opens Report for Q4 2010!

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