2D Mobile Tagging Updated Overview

Bryce MarshallOver the last year or so we’ve devoted a few posts in The Lunch Pail to discussion of 2-dimensional barcoding. We’ve explained the basic technology framework, and how it is applied. We’ve compared these technologies to each other and compared these technologies to other alternatives for linking physical and online experiences through the mobile phone.

One thing we haven’t done is compare the two most prevalent 2D coding technologies in North America today, which is a discussion about every two weeks with someone. Which 2D code technology is the best and which technology will emerge as the ubiquitous solution, the common technology framework all marketers, brands, and consumers will agree on?

The discussion usually includes QR codes and Microsoft Tag. Apologies to the work being done by ScanLife, JagTag, SnapTag, and more. But for Knotice, this discussion has just two key players: QR and MS Tag. (For more information on why JagTag and SnapTag play in a somewhat different sandbox, refer to my post with details on all of these technologies.

If it comes down to QR and MS Tag, which wins? Which solution does Knotice recommend? Which solution will claim the right to be the commonly accepted solution in North America the way QR is used today in the far east?

The goal is achieving a common framework where brands, marketers, and consumers are equally comfortable – a common language for connecting physical and online worlds. Until the common language is established, both marketers and consumers will struggle to get on the same page. But the marketplace for these solutions is still immature and fragmented in North America. I can’t claim any special glimpse into the future allowing me to project what technology will achieve common adoption. Each proprietary technology provider has their success stories; whether it’s a major brand or marketer adopting the technology for a campaign, or a deal struck with a device maker (Samsung, Motorola, et al) or carrier (Sprint, Verizon) to have their code readers pre-loaded on new devices shipped to retail stores.

Which technology will be ubiquitous, when? I will share my thoughts and ideas about how to choose the right tagging technology for your brand in the next installment!

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