Knotice’s Latest Software Release Notes

Emily HaaseSince Knotice recently published our latest release notes to our loyal customers we are going to share a brief summary of those notes with our loyal Lunch Pail readers. This space is devoted to tips and tricks on executing great direct digital marketing, so it makes sense to share how direct digital marketing software evolves, and what new features are driving the market forward.
On March 20, Knotice proudly launched Concentri Version 3.16. Concentri 3.16 has a host of new features, but that would have been a very long article. Instead, let’s hit the highlights and choose just ten of the most anticipated new features. Cue the Letterman theme, and check out a sample of what’s new in Concentri 3.16!
  • Zip Code Segment: This new feature allows users to create segments based on a certain number of miles from a particular zip code or area. An integrated pop up map makes it easy to see the targeted area.
  • Conversion Reporting: This new reporting feature keeps track of conversion patterns and displays results based on an assigned weighting system, dollar value, or counts.
  • Mobile Reporting: A new type of mobile reporting has been added that keeps track of clicks on links in text messages.
  • Tiny URLs: The new Tiny URL feature for mobile content will shorten URLs to save precious character space in text messages.
  • Social Media: Recognizing the importance of involving social media efforts in direct digital marketing, another feature new to Concentri allows Facebook and LinkedIn to be used to share content in emails and landing pages.
  • Personalized Information: A new helpful feature allows browser information to be personalized in content.
  • Daypart Display Rules: You can now create content display rules based on the time of day. The condition operates based on the time the Internet Service Provider uses to identify that the content has been received.
  • Contact Reporting: A contact owner can send emails that appears to come from sales team members. The contact owner will be able to see online behavior, email interactions, and form responses in one spot.
  • The Concentri Reply Manager: This stand alone interface allows easy management of inbound email replies. The user will be able to reply to email, review challenges, forward email pieces, create folders, and create rules to manage email.

For a copy of the complete 3.16 Concentri Release Notes, email your request to me at

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