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Josh GordonIt makes sense from time to time here at The Lunch Pail to review not only what's happening with Knotice and how we do direct digital marketing, but also take a look at how the industry as a whole is adopting direct digital marketing. There are generally two ways to secondarily measure how important the term "direct digital marketing" is becoming in the marketing lexicon. The first benchmark is simply establishing who is using the term and how. The second is to see real examples of direct digital marketing in practice, beyond a company's press materials (guilty!). In the last two weeks there have been examples of both.

It is hard to imagine too many marketers refusing to read Ad Age. Ad Age is one of those benchmark publications that sets tone and language for entire industries. That’s why it’s interesting to see respected author and analyst Ken Doctor using the term in a recent article entitled ”Do Marketers Still Need News Brands?”. According to Doctor, news media brands are “… spending $65 billion a year on their own direct digital marketing.

More important than analysts and marketers – even well-established, successful ones – talking and writing about direct digital marketing is watching businesses have success when using it. Two companies, in two completely different industries, are both having success with it and were recently highlighted for it.

DM News published a story from industry reporter Chantal Todé about how a direct digital marketing approach – complete with a universal profile management system – is already providing entertainment company TNA Wrestling with great results. TNA has enthusiastic fans with particular interests, so content relevance across the email, Web, and mobile channels is extremely important to avoid violating a fan’s loyalties. It was clear to TNA’s marketing leadership that the current marketing database model that has evolved over time – specialist databases in a bunch of different locations – wasn’t going to deliver the kind of multi-channel personalization and relevance their fans demand. Direct digital marketing is the perfect solution to both consolidate a bunch of different databases into one location and deliver content to email addresses, Web browser cookies, and mobile phone numbers – all from the same direct digital marketing software.

Gaylord Entertainment was also highlighted by Lodging Magazine reporter John Parkinson for their adaptation of direct digital marketing into what is now known in the hospitality industry as “eConcierge.” Gaylord’s eCommerce Marketing Manager, Michael McCamish, is interviewed for the story and talks about the value of improved data management and a centralized email marketing program that is able to capitalize on the implemented changes.

Sure, direct digital marketing is becoming an accepted, talked about marketing approach. Heck, it’s in both the American Marketing Association’s dictionary and MacMillan’s! But the refreshing element in this story is seeing direct digital marketing in motion, and the success that is achieved simply by adopting the approach. I’ll share more success stories from time to time. But it’s time to consider – how can direct digital marketing help me and my business?

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