Making A Case For Mobile Marketing

Josh GordonI was interested, and somewhat surprised, to read a recent article in Marketing Profs about how marketers are generally enthusiastic about mobile marketing, but reticent to fully embrace it because of doubts surrounding ROI. The ROI doubts lead directly to the inability to make a successful case to management about why mobile marketing is so important. Sure, there is a group of marketing executives that do not need ROI figures to jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon. These early adopters place a high emphasis on loyalty and customer engagement at the expense of coupon redemption and increased sales. But, because mobile marketing is considered a direct digital marketing pillar, direct and response marketing professionals are searching for that quantitative evidence that proves mobile marketing’s value to the measurement-first crowd.

So, it is no surprise that in a recent marketing survey respondents identified the need to quantify mobile marketing’s return on investment as the most critical element of their perspective on mobile.

If you are struggling to build a quantitative case for mobile marketing, rest assured it can be done.

The basic tenets direct marketers are accustomed to are all present in mobile marketing. Segmentation? Check. Personalization? Check. Relevant content? Check. Measurability? Check.

Like any marketing effort, mobile is flexible enough to achieve a number of simultaneous goals or hone in on a specific campaign objective and execute it flawlessly. For example, SMS campaigns are ideal for reach and are easily measured. The Web on a mobile device has less reach (though more than an app does) and a poor user experience, but it is excellent for its measurability – it works much like Web analytics currently work, just translated for a mobile device. The reach and experience drawbacks will improve over time. So, what the Web on a mobile device lacks in user experience right now it makes up for in marketing measurement… the direct marketer’s comfort zone.

A quantitative case for mobile marketing can be made no matter what type of campaign objective is first on the list. If you have not yet read regular Lunch Pail contributor Bryce Marshall’s Making Sense of Mobile Marketing white paper, that is a great place to start for building a quantitative argument and mobile marketing strategy. Understand what mobile marketing consists of, what the demographics of usage are, and then understand specific campaigns, how results vary, and how success is measured.

What types of barriers to mobile marketing exist within your company?

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