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Josh GordonMany of you are already familiar with Knotice's Director of Strategic Services, Bryce Marshall from his acclaimed mobile marketing white paper entitled, "Making Sense of Mobile Marketing." It is recommended reading for anyone unfamiliar with how to begin thinking about mobile marketing, or how to lay out a winning strategy. Like many other marketing initiatives, the importance of developing a great strategy is the most critical element to success, and Bryce's white paper is excellent at communicating the most important strategic aspects of mobile no matter where you are in the development of your strategy.

But, white papers are not the only way to access Bryce’s expertise. He has recently been featured in three separate publications to provide perspective on other important aspects of mobile marketing, and direct digital marketing in general.

Marketing Profs recently featured a piece from Bryce on how to overcome the various difficulties inherent within marketing organizations when trying to make the cornerstone of good direct digital marketing – relevant, personalized content – more prevalent in consumer communications. He details the three primary constraints that prevent marketers from achieving real relevance in marketing, and the improved results that accompany them.

On the strictly mobile side Bryce was featured in Mobile Marketer and iMediaConnection on two separate but equally important mobile marketing fundamentals.

First, in Mobile Marketer, Bryce evaluates the various different types of mobile calls-to-action, weighing the pros and cons of several approaches. I recently wrote an article for The Lunch Pail with a survey about this very topic. Bryce takes it one step further by breaking down the various consumer value of texting a keyword to a short code, typing a mobile Web address into a mobile browser, or scanning a 2-D QR Code or MS Tag.

While understanding the right call-to-action is vital for proving the success of a mobile marketing initiative, it is also important to understand the foundation of what mobile marketing is – and what it is not. Bryce dispels one common mobile misnomer in a piece for iMediaConnection where he examines the myriad ways SMS marketing is NOT Twitter. Some marketers believe that Twitter is an effective, free alternative to good text message marketing dialogue with a target audience. Bryce explains why Twitter in place of SMS is a mobile mirage.

Do you have a topic on direct digital marketing or mobile marketing that you would like to see addressed here on The Lunch Pail? Send it our way in a comment below!

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