Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hotels, Social, and Direct Digital Marketing

In researching an upcoming article I'm writing for Hotel Interactive about the less is more value proposition of good direct digital marketing programs for the hospitality industry I discovered a fascinating report from Forrester Research's Henry Harteveldt entitled, "Hotels Will Rely on the Web To Survive 2010." The report is a great read giving plenty […]

Mobile Shopping's Ugly Truth

It is easy to get carried away in the world of technology marketing, especially within retail. A new technology emerges, the bandwagon fills up, and the sustainability watch begins. Since mobile is the crown jewel of the emerging direct digital marketing pillars, it is interesting to see many solution providers struggling to identify the path […]

More Trend Spotting: Direct Digital Marketing in 2010

Happy New Year, Lunch Pailers! If you are taking a break between football games, thanks for stopping by. On Wednesday I unveiled the first of what I promised would be two interesting trends to evaluate and watch for in direct digital marketing for 2010. The first was the complete mobile marketing solution, rather than the […]