Calling All Mobile Actions - A Survey

Josh GordonEveryone within the direct digital marketing industry is aware of the well-documented promise of mobile marketing, and the various functional definitions of it. While the various campaigns and programs possible under the umbrella of mobile marketing are enough for ten year's worth of articles, the key to success with mobile - or any type of direct digital marketing program - is the call-to-action. The moment of truth where the target audience either commits or does not.
Obviously Knotice and the contributors to The Lunch Pail all have a keen interest in how to do effective mobile calls-to-action. What makes a mobile call-to-action particularly interesting is that it is completely without standardization right now. Marketers are still in the exploratory phase of capturing consumer interest and data via a mobile device.

Several months ago (August of 2009, to be exact), we conducted an informal poll here in an attempt to determine what our readers believe to be the best possible mobile call-to-action currently available. The results were interesting. Overwhelming (47 percent of voters), receiving a URL after texting a keyword to a short code is the preference of our readers. Back in August of 2009 scanning a QR code to get content received 23 percent of the vote, tying it with the user actually hand typing a URL into a mobile Web browser address bar. Surprisingly, scanning the MS Tag – despite its excellent adoption plan and ease of use – lagged with just eight percent of the vote.

The results of this mini-survey were so interesting, in fact, that we have decided to conduct it again. Depending on the results from this round, we may even launch a more in-depth research and analysis into the topic. For now, cast your vote! What is your preferred mobile call-to-action?

Also, in case you missed reading Making Sense of Mobile Marketing from our own Bryce Marshall, I encourage you to read it. Bryce writes not only about how to properly define a mobile audience and develop mobile strategies, but he also touches on various strengths and weaknesses of these mobile calls-to-action.

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