Spread Holiday Cheer, Resolve Customer Complaints

Josh GordonThose of you who are regular readers of The Lunch Pail are aware that we try and pay special attention to good research that is published about the online and direct marketing industry, since direct digital marketing is a natural fusion of the best qualities in both. Good research comes from a variety of sources, and links to eMarketer, Aberdeen, and others appear often in this space to back up assertions about changes in the industry and the growing discontent within the marketing community about the fragmented world of software providers.

Some of the best research published anywhere comes from Forrester Research. The depth and quality of the insight provided by the group of researchers at Forrester is unmatched. That’s why the recent survey findings published by VP and Principal Forrester Analyst Bruce Temkin are alarming, and perfect to review on Christmas Day. His recently published report is entitled, Consumers Expect Poor Service Experiences, and it delves into to the all-important topic of consumer expectations for getting an issue resolved. He examines 10 different industries and the expectation level of consumers in those industries for resolution to a problem.

Apparel could pat itself on the back with the highest ranking customer expectations when it comes to resolving complaints. But, the highest percent of customers – in any industry – only expect their complaint to be heard and resolved 54 percent of the time. Not surprisingly, health insurance policies have the lowest ranking expectations at 30 percent.

On Christmas Day, let’s consider the importance of providing great customer service year-round. Just think, perhaps those service rating indexes could leap a few percentage points!

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