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Josh GordonIt stands to reason that soon after I communicate some recent press clippings for The Lunch Pail’s roster of writers that more emerge, and my hand is forced again. This time some major national publications join the ranks of the various industry publications gathering opinions from our experts. Again displaying the flexibility of the direct digital marketing approach, Knotice is covered by a major national newspaper, the foremost mobile marketing news authority, an e-commerce publication, and a direct marketing publication.
First, the 12/23/09 issue of USA Today features a piece from reporters Jayne O’Donnell and Sandra Block about what retailers are doing to attract last-minute shopping online. Obviously, this is an important competition as bricks-and-mortar stores generally get the bulk of procrastinating shoppers. Online retailers are putting forth an excellent effort in competing for this all-important audience by offering a glut of last-minute shipping discounts. The reporters called on Knotice’s Bryce Marshall for his expert insight into what smart online sellers are doing right now to gather last minute sales. Bryce mentions that Crocs is doing a good job on last minute shipping offers and that the “free” offer is as important as the “fast” offer.

Knotice was highlighted in Mobile Marketer by reporter Giselle Tsirulnik for a recent mobile live-polling project Knotice completed for drug store chain Duane Reade. Knotice CEO Brian Deagan was interviewed for the piece, and talked about how important the mobile channel is for building a community around a brand.

“Mobile allows marketers to connect with consumers anywhere, whether that connection happens across the country or in the neighborhood,” said Brian Deagan, CEO of Knotice, Akron, OH. “The portability of mobile, and its ability to initiate a two-way dialogue, makes interactive brand experiences fun and memorable for consumers while providing new ways for marketers to demonstrate value.” reporter Vangie Beal published an article that compares and contrasts various email service providers based on features and price point. We appreciate the generous review of Knotice’s email technology!

Last, I was featured in 1to1 Media this week with a piece on the present and future of direct digital marketing. Obviously The Lunch Pail has highlighted the various successes and adoption of the direct digital marketing approach throughout 2009, but the opportunity for continued growth in 2010 is substantial. While the primary objectives of online marketing remain unchanged – engagement, addressability, and accountability – the means for achieving those objectives is becoming more efficient with direct digital marketing.

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