Hospitality and Direct Digital Marketing

Josh GordonAs a growing number of companies adopt direct digital marketing as a cornerstone to the overall marketing strategy, an interesting development has occurred. While some are using email, onsite targeting, or mobile marketing as individual elements of a strategy or campaign, the greatest benefit of direct digital marketing happens when all three channels are used together. Not only is there great cost efficiency, but reach and impact are maximized and data is centralized. While any industry can benefit from a sound direct digital marketing strategy, the hospitality industry is ideal for examining the philosophy’s impact due to its linear application.

For example, effectively reaching the digitally inclined hotel guest involves all three of direct digital marketing’s primary channels – Web, email, and mobile.

The first touch point is often the booking process online. The booking process is ideal for offering a subtle shoulder stay up-sell. As soon as the guest inputs either an arrival date of Monday, or a departure date of Friday, they should receive an offer to extend their stay to the weekend. It is a simple process to set up and maintain with the right onsite targeting technology.

The second touch point – and the one leveraged most often for loyalty – is email. One easy and impactful way to improve the guest experience is to demonstrate how important the relationship is after the room has been booked. A simple three-step email program should be set up, powered by data-driven content. The first email can be a welcome message, and the following emails can up-sell amenities, provide information about local events, and even offer a room upgrade.

The final touch point – mobile – is ideal to remove the traditional frustrations travelers encounter on the road. For example, a quick and easy check-in process using the mobile device is perfect to get guests out of line and into on-property restaurants. And, if mobile check-in is possible, so is mobile check-out.

From booking the room on the website to leaving the hotel without waiting in line, direct digital marketing is an ideal guide through the entire guest experience in hospitality.

Hospitality’s linear application of all three primary direct digital marketing channels is effective, but also an example to other industries. Hospitality routinely sets the bar high for white glove treatment of customers with a basic philosophy that works in any industry.

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