Knotice Meets The Press - Again!

Josh GordonSome of the writers here at The Lunch Pail are often asked to contribute their expertise to myriad publications on a variety of direct digital marketing, marketing, and software topics. Recently our writers have contributed to many different publications on a wide range of topics. In case you missed any of these articles, they are worth reading.
The flexibility and adaptability of direct digital marketing dictates that many different industries benefit from the proper implementation and execution of smart programs and campaigns. As a result, a variety of publications ranging from E-Commerce Times to Restaurant Hospitality Magazine to Lodging Hospitality Magazine have asked our experts to contribute their thoughts and ideas about how direct digital marketing programs can be effective in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries respectively.

Knotice’s co-founder and CEO, Brian Deagan, contributed a fascinating article to Lodging Hospitality Magazine that provided concrete examples of how each primary channel of direct digital marketing – email, the Web, and mobile – can be used effectively within the hospitality industry to achieve important goals. One specific example, an eConcierge program, is especially effective and easy to execute with the right software. Brian also contributed a more technical piece to E-Commerce Times that details how changes in marketing – like the rapid popularity of direct digital marketing – also drive development cycles for SaaS companies. Specifically, he details the value of a universal profile management system as an effective solution to the marketing dilemma of creating great multi-channel programs.

Knotice’s Director of Strategic Services, Bryce Marshall, has also become a fixture in the press given his deep understanding of mobile marketing. Megan Rowe from Restaurant Hospitality Magazine recently interviewed Bryce about how direct digital marketing can be extremely effective with restaurant guests, addressing the “technophobia” many restaurant marketers have. Bryce argues that the consumer is ready to be engaged through direct digital marketing programs – especially on the mobile device – and the restaurants must overcome fear of the unknown and leverage new technology to create stronger, more profitable relationships with guests.

Bryce also contributed an article to Mobile Marketer about how to combat confusion around the definition of “mobile marketing” and was featured by the Mobile Marketing Association, giving a marketer’s perspective on mobile tagging.

If you have questions for the authors on any of these recently published articles, please post them here!

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