Mark Winslow - Building Bridges, Connecting People

Micah HattonWhat do you get when you add 12 years of IT experience with a diverse background that includes everything from working on environmental compliance software to developing a controls system to automating the process of brewing beer? That’s easy - you get Knotice's newest Web Applications Developer, Mark Winslow.

Wanting to get into a fresher, more upbeat workplace, Mark reached out to Knotice. “I like the fact that Knotice has such a great atmosphere,” Winslow said. “I really enjoy the faster-paced nature of the work I’m doing now at Knotice.”

Mark’s experience comes in handy when a customer presents Knotice with project that requires some creative development. There are times when a project falls outside the traditional email, Web, and mobile direct digital marketing channels where Concentri excels. Mark has the ability to integrate systems outside the world of direct digital marketing – like social networking campaigns or complex Web projects like an online scavenger hunt – and make them work with Concentri, giving Knotice the ability to track and measure the success of any type of campaign. In other words, Mark Winslow builds bridges.

“One thing that sticks out about Concentri for me is the Form Builder,” Winslow said. “Building a form from scratch can be a big job, but Concentri really simplifies the process and gives you the ability to style and format your forms any way you want.”

When he’s not busy at Knotice, Mark enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife and two children.

“I play whenever I can, but with two young kids, when I get home I like to step in and take over for my wife,” Winslow said. “By the end of the day, she needs a break!”

Welcome to the Knotice family, too, Mark!

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