Duane Reade's Sweet Mobile Campaign

Emily HaaseOne of the newest additions to the growing Knotice family of customers, Duane Reade, is using Knotice's on-demand marketing software to ask New Yorkers an important question: How do you like your cookies?
For those of you who may not know, Duane Reade is the most recognized drugstore chain in metropolitan New York, with more than 253 stores throughout New York. The chain offers a vast array of products which recently expanded to include a new line of food products under the DelishTM brand. Two of these products are at the center of the company’s most recent city-wide campaign – the Delish Hard Cookies and the Delish Soft Cookies.

Duane Reade is blanketing New York with posters and in-store creative pieces that urge customers to express their preference for either hard or soft cookies. Customers can vote one of two ways. The first is by visiting www.hardorsoftny.com and voting via the Web poll. The poll (powered by Knotice!) collects votes and reports on the current results in real time. Customers can also enter their zip code to help Duane Reade find the “hardest” and “softest” neighbors in New York.

Duane Reade customers can also text the keyword POLL to Duane Reade’s shortcode and participate. Upon the request, our software sends the poll question to the customer’s mobile phone. The customer can reply with either HARD or SOFT to lock in their vote. The customer also receives a reply thanking them for voting and includes a snapshot of the current live results of the poll. The message invites customers to visit the hardorsoftny.com site. The site recognizes their mobile browser and serves up mobile-optimized content accordingly.

Duane Reade’s campaign is a fun and engaging way to get customers involved in a new product offering. Everyone – young and old – has an opinion about how they like their cookies. By making clever use of Knotice’s polling and mobile capabilities, Duane Reade will soon be able to tell the world which way the cookies crumbles in the Big Apple.

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