Knotice Customer Gets in the Digital Driver's Seat

Emily HaaseAs The Lunch Pail's newest contributor, I will provide updates on some of the most cutting edge direct digital marketing programs and campaigns from some of Knotice's newest customers. Today's installment involves a really cool example of onsite targeting.
Classic Auto Group has taken evasive action to avoid a routine website by implementing onsite targeting technology across all of its websites, souping up its online presence with direct digital marketing custom-made for individual customers.

Classic is using Knotice’s onsite targeting technology, called Concentri® SiteTarget, to deliver finely tuned marketing messages aimed at specific customers based on profile attributes and past website activity. Knotice’s onsite targeting transforms formerly static website content into “Live Zones” that rotate content based on the attributes of the customer viewing the content. One area on a website displays different content for different customers. For example, a current Classic customer who has visited the website in the past and then clicks through to the parts and service part of the website is eligible to receive a discount offer for routine maintenance on their car while a new visitor to the website is eligible to receive a special APR promotional offer for the purchase of a new vehicle. These different marketing messages are delivered without interrupting the overall appearance of Classic’s website or the creating additional page-load time.

How does this work? Knotice’s onsite targeting code snippet is directly tied into each and every Web page in the Classic Auto Group family of websites. The direct tie-in allows Classic to capture website browsing activity with precision – even for anonymous site visitors – and using information about website visitors to deliver relevant, targeted content to individual customers based on their activity. For example, a customer who prefers a Ford may not want to receive an offer about Chevy. Classic creates the content and defines exactly which customers should receive what content. Concentri® SiteTarget translates the basic understanding of a one-on-one interaction at a dealership to the digital channel.

Classic is taking Live Zones into the fast lane by even incorporating them into the slideshow content on the website. Now, within a single slideshow content element, Classic can control which visitors see which slides.

Knotice is excited to add horsepower to Classic Auto Group’s direct digital marketing!

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