Monthly Archives: October 2009

Marketers: Listen to Consumer Preferences

What a great age we live in as marketers! More than ever before it is easy to collect information about our customers and the general consumer. It is easier because consumers are quick willing to share it. The problem is that marketers historically demonstrate a very poor ability to listen to what consumers are trying […]

New Mobile Statistics and Growth… By Osmosis?

Here is a fun, interesting, and surprising statistic about the growth of mobile marketing many may not be aware of: Nearly half of Americans sleep with their cell phone nearby. Superficially, this statistic likely makes sense. After all, many mobile devices do have an alarm clock, right? But, the research study, conducted by Synovate out […]

101: A Twitter Contest, the Results

In my last post I wrote about the Twitter contest Knotice held at the Annual Summit. This was the first time Knotice used Twitter as a channel to promote the company and our direct digital marketing concept. For someone to enter the contest they needed to have one of Knotice's booth staff give them […]