Automated Tune-In Promotions Are as Easy as 1-2-3

Bryce MarshallOne of the exciting stories Knotice will be telling at the upcoming CTAM Summit in Denver is the marketer-friendly solution for creating and launching highly automated tune-in promotions through both the email and mobile channels.
Tune-in promotions make a lot of sense for both the marketer - whether the marketer is an Operator or a Programmer - and for the consumer who ultimately benefits from relevant, timely updates and reminders. For Operators these automated tune-in promotions make business sense because they create a great customer experience that influences entertainment decision-making and ensures customers always have On-Demand movie releases and Pay-Per-View event entertainment options top-of-mind. For Programmers the goal is similar – establish a direct connection with the network’s fan base and keep their favorite (or new) programs top-of-mind. The payoff is less direct, perhaps, but the brand perception and loyalty stimulated by high-value, timely communications has a ripple effect in social media and word-of-mouth.

The right solution leverages great software and enables both Operators and Programmers to easily and efficiently manage tune-in reminders and alerts for dozens or hundreds of events (On-Demand movie releases, new episodes airing, etc.) across multiple categories (Action movies vs. Romantic comedies) delivered to their opted-in customers… automatically.

There are three basic steps:

  1. Establish simple but powerful templates for the opt-in landing page (where customers select which types of reminders they would like to receive) and for the reminder emails. The email templates should include all standard information, with room set aside for dynamic insertion of event details and images.
  2. Compile the event information – the movies, pay-per-view events or episode air dates – into a simple excel spreadsheet. This can include all of the upcoming events for a week, a month – even a year! The file is uploaded into the software (check out a screencast about this entire process here). The event information should include not only the day/time of the event or program airing, but also the 160-characters for the SMS, and specific images and copy for the email.
  3. Once the event file is uploaded, the software solution dynamically updates the opt-in Web page with the new programs and events, so consumers can opt-in for various event reminders. The consumer can also select their preferred communication – email, text message, or both!

As the date and time of the scheduled event approaches, the consumer receives the appropriate reminder – email, text message, or both. With a month’s worth of event details established in advance, it is easy to automate a month’s worth of timely, impactful reminders.

Tune-in promotions are certainly nothing new. What is unique is delivering a fantastic consumer experience – giving consumers the option of what reminders to receive, and how they would like to receive them – while creating real cost and resource efficiencies for the marketer. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

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