Cable and Bundle Building Is All About LIFT

Bryce MarshallWe all work very hard, day-in and day-out, trying to improve our marketing and promotions. Rarely, however, do we get to point to very clear, exceptional results that definitively indicate a resounding success.
I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure to be a small part of a project that turned out to be a resounding success. The project, called "Bundle Builder," was conceived and executed in partnership with Knotice by a great creative group called creativeLIFT in San Francisco. For our mutual client Charter Communications, creativeLIFT conceived a parallel "buyflow" application that delivers an exceptional user experience and for the first time allowed Charter's customers and prospects to "shop" for services in a manner that would make any online retailer jealous.

Applying their talents for creating compelling sales messages, calls-to-action, and fluid, fun, and addictive user interfaces, creativeLIFT delivered an exceptional application. For our part, Knotice’s brilliant development team and technical project managers provided a robust infrastructure tapping into several of Charter’s systems to allow for the order customization and shopping cart checkout. The total package is comprehensive but still flexible, with iterations used today for landing pages and sundry other tasks and applications.

And, about that resounding success. The Bundle Builder application proved its value to the consumer – and to the client’s bottom line – with some enviable statistics indicating true lift. (Stats are from the spring of 2009.)

  • 8% conversion rate, representing a 400% lift over the legacy buyflow application
  • 83% of orders are for greater amounts than average orders with the legacy buyflow
  • 28% increase in products per order, from 1.85 to 2.37

The Bundle Builder is a perfect example of how a superior concept can act as firm bedrock for organizational collaboration and execution, transforming an online experience from a liability to an asset. Most importantly, the application and its tremendous success illustrate how a fantastic consumer shopping experience can make all the difference.

It is no surprise that the Bundle Builder application is a finalist for the prestigious Mark Awards, which recognize marketing and sales achievement within the Cable, Broadband and Telecommunications industry. The Mark Awards will be presented Monday, October 26th, during the CTAM Summit in Denver.

We have our fingers crossed, but delivering tremendous bottom-line results while delivering a consumer-friendly experience seems to be the win-win scenario that defines marketing excellence.

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