The Verizon-Alltel Merger: Customer News

Casey BartoIn my last post I discussed some new Verizon-Alltel merger tidbits including how the merger will impact mobile marketing and mobile advertising. Today I’m going to dive into what Alltel customers can expect as the year draws to a close.
For months after the merger was announced, confused Alltel customers have had questions: “When will I become a Verizon customer?” “What will happen to my current plan?” “Am I in a market that will be integrated with Verizon or will my market be sold?” “Why do I keep seeing those Chad commercials?”

Being an Alltel customer myself, I was curious about all the above questions. So I did a little research about what we Alltel customers can expect in the coming months. If you are an Alltel customer wondering when you will become part of Verizon’s network, keep your eyes peeled for a notice with your billing statement announcing the transition date. (If you have really been paying attention, you will have noticed that the statements have gone from blue to red, indicating the integration of Verizon and Alltel’s billing departments.)

Though Verizon began transitioning Alltel customers in June, it seems that this weekend is the Midwest’s turn. Most of the Midwest region will become a part of the Verizon network on October 17. If you are really curious if you are in a region that will soon be integrated with Verizon − and do not want to wait for the mail − you can log into your account via the Alltel website. I did, and I was greeted with this friendly reminder of the upcoming transition.

As many people know by now, Verizon was forced to divest assets in 100 markets to prevent the company from becoming a monopoly. AT&T scooped up most of the divested assets for $2.35 billion and 1.5 million subscribers. Provider Atlantic Tele-Network grabbed the remaining assets for $200 million and 800,000 subscribers. So that means if you are in a market that was sold by Verizon, you will likely become a customer of either AT&T or Atlantic Tele-Network.

If you are not yet a Verizon customer, hang tight until the end of the year when everything will become integrated and the Alltel brand will disappear from stores and TV.

Now, on to the question on everyone’s mind: What will become of Chad? Will he be welcomed with open arms by the Verizon Guy? Will those nerds in all his commercials finally get their revenge? Will he pack his bags and stroll into the sunset?

We will have to wait and see. Alltel has filmed two new commercials that will air in the coming months, one titled “Nervous Customer” and the other “Farewell.” The “Farewell” commercial is set to air during the holiday season.

Stay tuned during the holidays to find out Chad’s fate.

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    Posted September 21, 2010 at 10:09 pm | Permalink

    I am a long term Alltel customer in the area purchased by Atlantic Tele-Network. The Alltel brand around here has not disappeared or changed at all. September 21, 2010.

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