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Josh GordonAt the 2009 Annual Summit, Knotice was pleased to run the live mobile quick polls to kick off the event.’s Executive Director Scott Silverman wanted to get a sense of what the event’s attendees were expecting from the online retail sector and from the Annual Summit – in real time. As the event’s attendees filed into the huge auditorium at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas they found a hand out at each seat. The hand out presented three important questions for the online retail professional in attendance, the answers to which would set the tone for the conference – good or bad!

The questions were:

  • Question 1: All things considered, how do you feel about the upcoming holiday season?
  • Question 2: How many ideas from last year’s Summit have already improved your business?
  • Question 3: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Summit?

While Scott was introducing the event’s first keynote speaker, Macy’s CEO and President Terry Lundgren, he displayed the answers to these questions in real time. The audience was still texting in their answers, also, so the graphs were live, changing in real time. Fortunately, the results of the voting forecasted an excellent Annual Summit.

An impressive 62 percent of attendees said they were optimistic about the upcoming holiday season, with only 10 percent answering they were pessimistic. Given the difficulties of the past year for the retail sector in general, it was refreshing to see so many online retailing professionals remain optimistic.

The second question also revealed some interesting results. First, many attendees returned to the Summit in 2009 because they believed the content added value to their business since the last Summit. Eighteen percent of respondents communicated they used three to five good ideas from the previous Summit, 17 percent responded they used 11 or more ideas from the Summit to improve their business. A surprising 44 percent responded they did not attend the Summit in 2008. Many assumptions can be drawn from that response, but it does demonstrate that online retailers may have done well during the recession partly because they are, as a group, aggressive about constant improvement.

The final poll revealed that 37 percent of attendees were most looking forward to the opportunities for networking and information-sharing. Twenty-seven percent were looking forward to the keynote sessions, and 26 percent were seeking an exciting new technology to improve their business.

Great questions, great answers – all in real time.’s smart use of mobile quick polling showcases the value of mobile marketing technology when it is used well to engage and add value not just to but to everyone in attendance.

If you are curious about mobile quick polling and have more questions, post them here and you will get answers!

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