Triggered Multi-Channel Direct Digital Marketing

Josh GordonMarketers are always seeking new ways to communicate relevant events to their target audience, with email playing the role of the gold standard and mobile the hot upcoming prospect. Historically marketers have encountered many challenges to triggered event based email and mobile marketing communications.

The marketer must understand first how to get customers and prospects to opt-in, how to enable easy subscription management for them, how to manage the hundreds or thousands of different “events” (e.g. a new sale, a new product, a concert, a spa discount at a resort, etc.) available to customers, and how to manage versioned messaging and creative to satisfy the requirements for each event AND each segment. If every one of those questions is appropriately answered, then the marketer must figure out how to manage the complexity of each of the events and segments against the actual multi-channel delivery of the communications. Shew!

The end result? Few marketers are doing event based multi-channel communications… even though it has become more accessible and far easier than it used be. Satisfying all of those requirements is difficult because of the expense required for implementation (read: partnering with several different online marketing companies, then integrating their solutions) and the difficulties encountered when trying to manage a complex project (read: hiring the required number of experts to manage each of the new relationships). Fortunately, much of the overhead and inconvenience that plague marketers when it comes to event based multi-channel communications has been eliminated with direct digital marketing.

A primary advantage of good direct digital marketing software is the ability to manage the customer profile information, the versioned content and creative necessary for delivering a relevant experience for all customers, and the program execution and message delivery through multiple channels. The power of direct digital marketing is found in the balance of customer relevance and multi-channel message delivery.

Check out this screencast that demonstrates how easy it is to setup and execute event-triggered email and mobile communications across two of the three primary direct digital marketing channels.

Here is a question to ponder: What marketing strategies and tactics have you ruled out because they are too difficult to execute or cost too much?

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