Moms Require Relevance and Efficiency Online

Amy ChubbuckBefore I had kids, boy could I accessorize. My purse matched my outfit, my fingernails were done just right, and my hair was curled. I was fashionable because I had the time to be fashionable. Now that I have kids… I'm lucky if my two shoes match, much less my purse. Today I even brushed my hair.
Time is very limited and very valuable for moms. The hours I used to spend perusing the mall are a distant memory. I do not have time to cruise from store to store looking for the right item at the perfect price. So, guess where I’m headed – online. Yup, I’m a digital mom: a mom 18-64 that is online and has used two or more Web technologies in the past three months. I can cruise multiple stores all at one time. I can comparison shop that perfect item in a matter of minutes. I can research, review, and purchase all in the comfort of my own home (in my pajamas… that don’t match either).

According to a recent eMarketer report, modern moms make up about 40% of the adult female audience. In fact, being a mom greatly increases the likelihood that a woman will be online regularly. Thirty-four million moms say the Internet is heavily integrated into their daily lives. They are interacting with friends, staying current with events, keeping up with their kids, researching, reviewing, and making online purchases. Seventy percent of online moms have made a purchase on the Web in the last 12 months, and 41% of moms say they could not give up the Internet. Digital moms are more influential than ever.

So, what’s important to an online mom? Access to information. Mom’s are using email, search engines, and social networking sites. They are shopping for their families, shopping for themselves, searching for coupons, reading product reviews, writing product reviews, and pressing the submit button on their order. The Web is their resource.

What is influencing mom online? Of those 70% of moms that are spending money online, just 54% felt the ads they were seeing were effective in targeting them. Moms are interacting with webpage links and sponsored links. They are also interacting with email ads and banner ads. But, they aren’t just getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that the advertising communication is effective. We, as marketers, need to spend more time targeting our communications. Knowing who your customers are and what their interests and purchasing habits are is crucial, as is delivering content to them via email, banners and targeted website content. The content must speak to them.

And don’t forget to make your mom proud. She’ll tell everyone she knows.

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