A Surprising, Rising Mobile Marketing Demographic

Amy ChubbuckOnce upon a time, not so long ago, it would be hard to fathom a day when all the information a person ever needed would be at their fingertips. For this person, research was conducted at the library (ahh… the handy dandy card catalog), information was obtained by 411 ("city and state, please"), and calls were made with a rotary telephone and a long telephone cord (it took 15 minutes to dial the phone and you were stuck to the kitchen wall). A simpler time?

Nowadays, everyone has the world in their hands, literally, thanks to the ubiquitous mobile device. A mobile device delivers the world, anytime, anyplace. But, to who? Who is the “you” that a mobile device is connecting to? It is the technology lover? Yes. Is it the business professional? Well, yes. But also, young women. A lot of young women.

Women (ages 12-24) overwhelmingly report their mobile device as the single most important technology in their life. In fact, over 80% of women in the United States now use a mobile device (see the Women and Digital Life study) AND it is frequently becoming the preferred method of communication over their PC. Young women, surprisingly, even surpass business professionals in Internet usage with a mobile device.

What are young women using their phones for? They use them for the obvious social networking and texting applications, but they are also using them for shopping and browsing the Web. Women use their phones to stay organized and stay connected. Their phone is their trusted sidekick, their security. They never leave home without it.

What does this mean for direct digital marketers? Well, if you are not currently utilizing mobile in your marketing mix, it means a lot of missed opportunities. If you need to reach these young women, the power is in your hands (well, and theirs). You need to be savvy with mobile marketing. Is your website easily accessible via a mobile device? Is the content easily searchable and viewable? Are you running any mobile marketing programs? These young women love to text. So, entice them with an offer, a savings message, or a contest. Once you understand how easy mobile marketing is, you can start engaging a fast growing demographic that wants to interact.

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