Hey Marketers, Heard of Onsite Targeting Yet?

Amy ChubbuckLook at your website. You have done a great job of cramming everything you can about your company/product/service, and then some, onto your website (nice photo of the family picnic, by the way). Now everyone knows what you do just by visiting your website, right? WRONG. It is great that you're proud of your service or product… but, on the web - and it really is true - less is more. Quality over quantity, my friend.

You know you have been there before. You have seen a store or business that interests you, visited their website and have been presented with so much content that you end up clicking away with that website having no idea what that company actually has to offer. You are feeling quite frustrated by the whole experience.

Why would you do that to your customers when there is a better way? It is called onsite targeting, heard of it? Onsite targeting allows you, marketers, to deliver relevant, timely messaging to your customers through your website. This is easily accomplished simply by taking a look at your known customers. How often are they visiting your website? How much time are they spending on your website? What sections are of interest to them? How often are they buying? What are they purchasing? Gathering this data helps you to know your customers – and offers the intelligence necessary to make determinations about what a customer may be interested in purchasing next. Onsite targeting allows you, marketers, to deliver content based upon what you know about your customer. How awesome is that?

So, let’s suppose you are a department store. I visit your website. I spend time on the women’s clothing and accessories page. I spend more time in home goods and even more time in children’s. Ultimately, I convert on a sale of a tricycle. Based on my behavior on your website, what can you tell about me? A) Female, B) Own a home/run a household C) May have young children, and, if you are really adventurous, based on my purchase history you can make an educated guess on my household income. Next week when I visit your website, would it make more sense to offer content based on my past behavior on your website or just the everyday content that a new visitor to your website would see? I’ll let you answer that question yourself.

If you are a direct digital marketer all you hear nowadays is relevance, relevance, relevance. If you want to be in the game make sure you are relevant to your customers. Onsite targeting is an easy, effective, efficient way to reach your customers with content that is valuable to them.

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