Triggered Direct Digital Marketing Messages

Josh GordonBy now most savvy marketers have some form of triggered communications happening as part of their overall direct digital marketing strategy. Most. For some it is hard to get started, hard to find a way to fit triggered messages conveniently into the overall strategy, or hard to find the budget necessary to implement triggered campaigns - despite their proven effectiveness.

Working with marketing data is part of the reason setting up effective triggered campaigns are difficult. While some marketers have a universal profile management system to bring together the necessary data points to build highly targeted segments for triggered messages, most have not grabbed on to UPM, even though the trend is gaining momentum. Traditional marketing structure requires the necessary data to be brought into an email service provider from a web analytics platform. But, some key data points can be lost during the transfer process, or the opportunity cost (read: time) of making the transfer simply is not worth it. A universal profile management system should be part of the email platform to avoid the pitfalls of cumbersome data transfers.

Universal profile management makes triggered messages very simple for the marketer and more relevant for the consumer with its ability to relate, for example, an email record back to a website visit (even if that site visitor is not authenticated). That simple data point dramatically increases the universe of a segment.

Check out this cool screencast on setting up a triggered email marketing campaign using a universal profile management system. There are two different examples of how triggered campaigns are used effectively. One example steps through a simple triggered email based on a segment comprised of known email subscribers, website visits (captured with a tracking snippet), and keyword searches. The other is a quick and easy way to transform transactional emails into selling tools.

Keep in mind that while triggered email is popular – and essential – for enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales, triggered message programs can be deployed through any of the traditional direct digital marketing channels – email, mobile, and the website (through onsite targeting).

Last, one of the most important factors to consider when exploring adding triggered email programs to the marketing mix is that there does not have to be a trade off. If the current ESP is operating well but it is either a) unable to do triggered email or b) too expensive to do triggered email, explore the options. A good email provider is able to deploy these specialized triggered email marketing campaigns alongside the current provider.

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