Some New Direct Digital Marketing Resources

Josh GordonMobile marketing is hot. You know that, we know that, and noted mobile marketing expert Kim Dushinski knows it, too. That's why she interviewed one of The Lunch Pail's mobile marketing gurus, Bryce Marshall, for two upcoming episodes of her highly regarded radio show Mobile Presence. While Bryce's "Making Sense of Mobile" series did provide a framework for better understanding the ins and outs of mobile marketing, it really just scratches the surface on what is possible with the mobile channel, how a mobile marketing audience can be deciphered, and how best to begin constructing a mobile marketing strategy that will win in the short and long term.

The first appearance from Bryce comes on this Wednesday. Kim and Bryce cover a range of topics, including a topic rarely touched upon by the mobile marketing media – how good mobile marketing can become viral. Much like email, mobile is a great channel to promote viral marketing. If the content is compelling enough to the recipient, they will likely forward it to a friend, or a bunch of friends. While better suited for another post, it is quite acceptable for content to be viral-worthy and still sell something.

The first episode of Mobile Presence featuring Bryce Marshall airs August 12th at 1p, and will be available for download in a podcast shortly thereafter.

If you follow Knotice on Twitter you may have picked up on our subtle allusion last week that while mobile marketing is hot, it is not the sole direct digital marketing trend gaining momentum in online marketing discussion groups. Since it is our expressed goal to provide information and context on all things direct digital marketing, we’d be remiss to avoid onsite targeting and how the technology is already being used to impact sales for marketers.

To that end, check out this article from the publication Retail Customer Experience. Customer experience professionals are popping up all over the place, and this is a breakdown of how onsite targeting technology improves the customer experience for e-retailers. It’s worth a read.

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