Monthly Archives: July 2009

Analyzing Behavioral Targeting Best Practices

On Monday I wrote about the need for the discourse around behavioral targeting technology, in Congress and elsewhere, to be careful not to use a broad brush when determining the best practices for the technology. Not all forms of behavioral targeting are the same (network versus onsite); therefore the same rules should not govern all […]

BT's Official Self-Regulation Proposal

After much speculation, the proposed standards of self-regulation for behavioral targeting have finally been announced. You may remember that I commented on this exact topic at the end of 2008, concluding that however the industry determines it should be regulated, the two different types of behavioral targeting must be treated differently. DM News' Dianna Dilworth […]

Direct Digital Marketing and Slashed Budgets

While mobile marketing continues to be a hot topic of debate around the Lunch Pail, the term direct digital marketing is picking up adoption momentum, too. I mentioned some general trends in both mobile and direct digital marketing in a recent post, but the actual term - direct digital marketing - is starting to catch […]

Secrets of the Smart Phone Industry

If you are a casual observer of smart phone industry news, you may believe that the iPhone is the most popular model on the market simply based on the media coverage it gets. There are a couple reasons the iPhone continues to get a lot of press - interface innovations, iTunes apps, and the ability […]