101: What is Universal Profile Management?

When I first started at Knotice, I did not know what universal profile management is. I also didn't have a clue about the value of having a universal profile management system, and how it made a bunch of new segments and multi-channel marketing strategies possible. Since I had confusion on this subject, I felt that it could be helpful to define what universal profile management is from a beginner's perspective and share how it can be used to get the most out of data.

Universal profile management is bringing all actionable consumer data together into one “data mart.” Good universal profile managements systems are important because they give a marketer a single view of their customer by combining known customer information from off line data gathering with behavioral information from online data gathering.

Here’s an example. A retailer might have an eCommerce site and a brick-and-mortar store that capture different information about the same customer. The eCommerce site is able to use information like keyword searches, email activity, website activity, and mobile activity while the brick-and-mortar store captures past purchase history information. So, if a customer registers in-store to receive emails and text message alerts, that customer’s “profile” is started in the universal profile management system. When they make a purchase, that information is added to their profile. Now the marketer is able to send them an email or mobile offer that is relevant to them based on their in-store purchase.

With all of this data in one spot, it can be a little overwhelming to try to figure out what to do with it. But, that’s where the real value of universal profile management lies – the ability to build out multi-channel segments. It’s possible to create a segment using a customer’s purchase history (for complementary product offers), keyword search activity (to know what they plan to research), website activitiy (to understand what products they have looked at), email activity (to know if they have already received an offer about the product they’re looking for), and mobile activity (to know if they have signed up for in-stock alerts). Combining all of those bits of data into one segment allows for very targeted marketing communications, and a greater chance a browser turns in to a buyer.

Here’s a really cool screencast that explains universal profile management in more detail. Check it out!

Here’s a question you can ask yourself: “What is the one segment you wish you could build but you’re not able to right now?” Universal profile management might be your genie in a bottle!

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