Mobile Marketing and Direct Digital Marketing Trends

Josh GordonI hope regular readers know that we diligently cover all things direct digital marketing here at the Lunch Pail. Since we cover the primary pillars - email marketing, mobile marketing, and onsite targeting - we have a pretty good gauge of what the most popular topics are, and what trends may be emerging in the industry.

Lately, many of our mobile marketing posts are getting an increased level of traffic. We did recently provide a great deal of information about mobile marketing, and that could have contributed to the increased traffic, but I don’t think it’s the only reason. My sense is that many marketers are still trying to unlock the promise of mobile marketing and find ways to leverage the channel to solve individual business needs. I hope we continue to be a good resource for those seeking information about mobile marketing.

With that in mind, I wanted to spend a moment today on an often overlooked, but vitally important aspect of mobile marketing – data. One of the initial challenges many would-be mobile marketers face is gathering enough usable data to make mobile a viable channel strategy. There is good news on this front, as a direct digital marketing strategy provides a unique way to leverage data from any channel and any source – including behavioral data – to help build the mobile marketing database more quickly. The component that makes this possible is called Universal Profile Management.

Once the data is collected it’s important to have a way to properly segment it. Segmentation strategies should not be limited by the mobile marketing software. In other words, the traditional marketing segments we use – geographic and demographic, for example – must be expanded to include for specific, micro-targeted segments like “website visitors who have opted in to the mobile offer program, are also signed up for email, and have opened the last email which contained a 20% off coupon that is set to expire in two days but has not yet been redeemed.” Universal Profile Management is an ideal solution because it addresses each of those needs – collection and storage of the data and simple multi-channel segmentation opportunities.

You can read more about the data aspects of mobile marketing in today’s Mobile Marketer column.

What kinds of hurdles have you encountered in trying to get mobile marketing off the ground in your company?

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