Knotice Continues to Add Talent

Micah HattonTo say that Brian Burns knows his stuff is a bit of an understatement. Knotice's new Director of Infrastructure and Messaging brings a laundry list of accomplishments to the table. From acting as founder and CTO of American National, to Director of IT at Bock & Clark, and Director of Technical Operations at Advanced Elastomer Systems (a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Chemical), Brian knows how to make things happen in the digital world. Knotice is happy to have another savvy team member as we continue to push the envelope.

But, this isn’t the first chapter of Brian’s story with Knotice. He teamed up with Knotice co-founders CEO Brian Deagan and CTO Bill Landers to form their first company, Lynk Media, in the mid-nineties. Later, Burns consulted with Knotice to build the foundation for what would evolve into Knotice’s current on-demand infrastructure.

“Brian, Bill, and I all went to high school together, so we go way back,” Burns said. “We got together in 2003 and laid the initial foundation for Concentri’s on-demand infrastructure.”

Since then, Concentri has increased its capabilities.

“After the initial planning phase, I was out of the loop as far as Concentri goes,” Burns said. “When I came back and started with Knotice I was blown away at how far it had come since the beginning,” Burns added. “The three product offerings – SiteTarget, EmailPlus, and Mobile – have made Concentri a really stout platform.”

Knotice believes the digital marketing landscape is always in flux, making adaptability and innovation key.

“The most interesting thing to me is where the industry is going,” Burns said. “We’re working hard to stay on top of the trends and technology to provide world-class dependability, performance, and scalability to our customers.”

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