Mobile and Knotice Press Round Up

Josh GordonIt's been a busy time here at Knotice thanks to extra attention from our friends in the digital marketing media and our recent series of posts on mobile marketing.
In case you missed some of the recent posts about mobile marketing, our contributors covered many aspects, from program calls-to-action, to advanced mobile tactics, to how recent Verizon-Alltel news will impact the mobile marketing industry.

Bryce Marshall recently completed a 3-part series of posts devoted solely to the mobile program call-to-action. These posts should be required reading for any mobile marketer. The first post explains the equation necessary for a mobile marketing program to influence a sale. His second post was devoted to a pro/con analysis of two of the three primary mobile calls-to-action. The first is having a consumer input a URL into a mobile browser; the second is using a keyword and short code combination. The final post of the series takes an in-depth look at QR codes, including their prevalence in the North American market and the likelihood that they will be widely adopted in the US. He drew some interesting conclusions about the best option for mobile marketers.

Dutch Hollis contributed a piece on the virtues of mobile marketing’s red tape. Seasoned mobile marketers understand the difficulties inherent in getting a mobile program up and running, and Dutch provides a unique perspective, reminding us why the red tape is necessary.

For marketers ready to grasp more advanced mobile tactics, Knotice CEO Brian Deagan offered the three keys to implementing advanced mobile tactics with an accompanying screencast that steps through exactly how to do it.

Writer Chris Bucholtz over at InsiderCRM recently did a story on how mobile marketing should “be a critical part of [the direct digital] marketing mix.”

Last, we recently announced another new customer, reminded everyone of our devotion to customer support, and mentioned some new advanced mobile capabilities.

With all of the posts devoted to mobile marketing lately, let us know if there is something you’re curious about that we didn’t touch on – we’ll be glad to tackle it!

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