Evaluating Mobile Calls-To-Action, Part 1

Bryce MarshallThe promise of mobile marketing has always been about context: marketers providing the right information at precisely the right time and place, for high-value interactions with consumers. It is the factors of time + place that make the mobile channel such a compelling opportunity. For retailers, communicating within the context of time + place usually means impacting purchase decisions precisely at the point of sale. The growing saturation of smartphones and iPhones within the consumer base makes this promise a burgeoning reality.

However, many retail marketers will struggle to effectively leverage the time + place context and impact the purchase decision. The mechanics of getting time + place offers challenges; but, the third piece of the equation – the content the consumer experiences at the point of sale – makes the equation even more cumbersome:

CONTENT + time + place = influenced purchase decision

What content impacts purchase decisions? Content that is accessible, meaningful, and easily consumed. This can be anything from product ratings and customer reviews, to coupons and rebates, to sweepstakes entries, to detailed product information and feature comparisons.

Here’s the common link between these types of content: It’s all content many marketers already have available on the web. It’s clear that influencing purchase decisions has a lot to do with making meaningful web content accessible and consumable. It’s less clear how to get shoppers to that web content on their mobile devices.

Enter technology. What is the killer in-store call-to-action and technology protocol that will get info- and discount-crazy shoppers to the pot of gold, easily and immediately?

Marketers are trialing three viable mobile call-to-action options. A Pro-Con analysis should help frame up what’s the right call-to-action and mobile game plan for your retail initiatives. Over the next few posts I will provide a pros/cons analysis of these three primary mobile calls-to-action: URL, SMS, 2D bar/QR code.

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