101: A Beginner's Guide To Twitter

Like any new social networking tool, Twitter is rapidly gaining ground. With over six million users, Twitter is the third largest social networking site. Being a (relative) newbie to the digital space, I felt the need to do my homework and figure out where exactly Twitter fits into the world of social networks. In college the term Twitter was thrown around and was something that I googled, but didn't really understand or (have a need to utilize at the time). For me, if I have a Facebook status to keep my friends in the loop on my life, why would I have a need to Tweet? However, being in the digital marketing space, I have realized that Twitter can be an invaluable tool to use in a business sense.

Twitter is (for now) a free service that allows its users to stay connected through micro-blogging. It poses the following question to its users: “what are you doing?” Then users get 140 characters to answer that question. The goal is to Tweet about what you’re doing while viewing what others are Tweeting about. As a Twitter user, you send your Tweets to your friends, and you can also see what they are doing. You can also perform searches to see what other people are Tweeting about – this is where one business application of Twitter comes into play.

From a company’s perspective, you can perform a search to see what people are Tweeting about your company. For example, if I were to do a search on Knotice in Twitter, I would be directed to a page showing anyone that had said anything about Knotice or included the term Knotice in their tweet. This is a great way to hear raw opinions about your company in real time, and even provide lightening fast feedback when necessary. It’s also a useful way to inform your community of followers about new product developments, company news, or any information you wish to share.

There are also a variety of applications that make your Twitter life easier. One of my personal favorites is TweetDeck. This application downloads to your desktop and then allows you to view your followers, send updates, etc. TweetDeck also allows you to save nine other search terms, and receive notifications when there are updates to any of your saved searches. I utilize these columns to follow industry terms (e.g. email marketing, mobile marketing). I also read what people are saying about Knotice, and a few of our competitors. From a marketing stand point having all of this information in real time, for free, allows you to better position your product and react to changes in the market.

Now that you are armed with a starting point for Twitter, don’t be afraid to get out there and Tweet! If you love our blog and need some Twitter friends, follow Knotice, it will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest things we have to offer!

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